Without Embarrassment:

The Social Coward’s Totally Fearless Seduction System

By Michael Pilinski – Available for the Kindle,
in 6×9 Paperback… or Adobe PDF download

Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward’s Totally Fearless Seduction System by acclaimed PUA and seduction author Mike Pilinski has been called one of the most important books ever published in the men’s dating market. It addresses the internalized shame and other toxic psychological issues that trap men in shyness and socially awkward behaviors which keep them isolated and alone.

This book delivers a potent strategy to set you on the path to social mastery – taking you on an internal journey of self-investigation that lays open a complete understanding of the roots of your frustration when trying to connect with women. It delivers real-life tactics, dialogs, and strategies to help get you past all these problems.

Think about being able to walk right up to the prettiest woman in a nightclub, classroom or even in the street and engage her in a cool, flirtatious conversation… one that will have her laughing and joking around with you in seconds, handing over her phone number in minutes, and leaving you feeling like a million bucks for the rest of your life!

Now imagine being able to pull this off without any paralyzing fear of rejection – without any shame or uncertainty, and most of all…

…Without any embarrassment!

That’s what this book is all about.


Fear of Rejection… Rejected!

Fear of being rejected by a woman is a terrible social handicap that haunts a surprisingly large number of men. Deeply hidden feelings of inadequacy that surface at the worst possible moment can make it impossible to think, talk, act and sometimes even MOVE when an opportunity to socialize with an attractive woman presents itself.

This kind of failure is not without its’ consequence, it grinds on you relentlessly until it begins to drag down many other aspects of your life. You begin to get left out of social events… people “forget” to invite you to parties because you’re “that guy” who never brings a date. Or maybe it’s because your social awkwardness and inappropriate behavior makes them feel uncomfortable when you’re around.

This book addresses the misguided unconscious beliefs that have been blocking your progress in life. It lays out a step-by-step process to develop a casual, seductive personality for yourself that an amazing number of women will find attractive and interesting. You’ll discover clever psychological tactics that will improve your odds of successfully making connections with women at every step along the path from courtship to seduction… from the moment that a girl first catches your eye, to the thrill of winning her heart, and ultimately bedding her.

Toxic Shame: The Male Confidence Assassin

You’ll learn some incredible facts about the poisonous effect that something called toxic shame could be having on your personality. Internalized shame is a subconscious issue that manifests itself in ways that can make it difficult to be social and connect women. Toxic shame created a disastrous internal belief system in myself that ruined the best years of my life… until I accidentally discovered that it even existed when I was in my early thirties, and then only by sheer accident.

I set out to take deliberate steps to eliminate this beast from my consciousness, and I’ll show you exactly how to duplicate my success. I’ll explain what toxic shame is, how it worms its’ way maliciously into every aspect of your life, and lay out the specific steps that I used clear this garbage out of my head forever.

As part of this process, I developed numerous clever methods to attract the attention of women, but in a very subtle manner that allowed me to protect my sensitive ego just enough to give me the courage to act. My techniques make it extremely safe even for the super-shy guy to operate with a quiet, powerful confidence that gets you noticed and eventually hooked-up.

You’ll learn how to make fantastic first impressions… converse with a purpose to get the date or phone number that you’re seeking… know exactly when to say the right thing at the right moment, etc. etc. You’ll even see how to get a girl daydreaming about you when you’re not around her!

So let’s get busy breaking the destructive cycle of fear, anxiety and other self-defeating behaviors that are holding back your romantic life, and begin designing your own grand adventure.


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